Terms & Conditions

Facilities hired out and services offered at the Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant  by Havant Borough Council.

Priority for access to any area of the Plaza for internal and external parties is at the discretion of the Facilities Manager

1. Available Facilities:

Hurstwood Room

This is the largest room and seats 100 in a theatre style layout, 72 at small tables or 44 at a single table. The room features a fully integrated PA system and 5000-candle projector with computer link at the speaker’s podium or directly into the projector system. It is ideally suited to large conferences and events and can be expanded to include the Hollybank Room to increase capacity or for breakout areas.

Hollybank Room

This room is also equipped with a built-in PA system for presenters or performers. It has a seated capacity of 56 at small tables or 28 at a single table. The room includes whiteboard and flip-chart areas for presentations and lectures that can be curtained off if required. Portable projectors are available for use with computer-based presentations. The Hollybank room has large doors facing onto the mezzanine area that overlooks the Plaza atrium. The mezzanine area could be used for your event’s catering or as breakout areas. The mezzanine area can also be screened from guests’ view until access is required.

Newlease Room

Has a seated capacity of 32 seated at small tables or 16 seated at a single table. It is the smallest of the rooms and would be well suited to training courses or meetings. The room contains a large whiteboard and flip chart. Portable PA equipment and projectors are available for use with presentations in Newlease and Tournerbury rooms. The Newlease room can be booked in conjunction with the Tournerbury room to create a larger working space.

Tournerbury Room

This room includes a licensed bar area with refrigeration and food preparation facilities, which makes the room ideal for catered events. It has a seated capacity of 40 at small tables or 20 at a single table.

The Event Suite

The event suite includes modern toilets, which are accessible to all. The event suite is on the first floor of The Plaza, served by a fire-safe lift as well as stairs.

Bookings can be made for whole or half-days, or can be charged at an hourly rate. The normal opening hours of The Plaza are 7am-7pm Monday to Friday. Weekend use of the facilities can be organised in advance. At the weekends and in the evening the light and spacious Atrium can be used for events.

The Atrium

Is situated on the ground floor and seats 50 at small tables and sofas. The café area is also available at the discretion of the Facilities Manager.

2. Access
The rooms are available for use both within working hours and outside working hours throughout the year at the discretion of the Facilities Manager.  The Café area may be booked by special arrangement only, but private events can only be considered in the evening.

Access for events will be provided only during the hours of booking please ensure any set up  and removal time required for equipment is considered when booking.

3. Bookings
Advance bookings are required. A minimum of one week’s notice is preferred but clients are advised that demand for facilities is high and as much notice as possible should be given. Any equipment requirements and any special requirements such as security or catering requirements must be discussed at the time of booking and confirmed in writing by the Facilities Manager.

The Council retains the right to request a deposit of 25% of the full booking fee, payable at the time of booking. However if the booking is made within 7 days of the booked event the Council may require payment of the booking fee in full at time of booking.

4. Cancellations
If a cancellation should arise, the client should immediately advise the Facilities Manager in writing or by email. Cancellations made 2 weeks before the booking date will attract a 25% charge (25% of the full booking fee).  Cancellations within 1 week of the proposed event will be payable at the full rate of the booking.

5. Security
Council staff will arrange with the client appropriate security for the event, including securing the premises at the end of events as required. The client will be responsible for ensuring themselves and their delegates/guests adhere to agreed security and safety procedures.

6. State & Repair
The Client will be given access to the facilities in a fit and reasonable state and will be responsible for returning the facility to the Council in similar condition. Failure to do so will result in a charge to the Client for remedial cleaning work, etc.

7. Parking
Parking is available in the close vicinity.  Local charges apply but depending on the time of the booking visitor parking permits may be issued at the discretion of the Facilities Manager.

8. If the Council so requests, prior to the booked event the Client shall provide a written method statement and written risk assessment for the activities and intended use of equipment by the Client.

9.  The Client may not grant broadcast (sound or television) or filming rights without the prior written consent of the Council. If such consent is given, the Council reserves the right to take part in any negotiations, to be a party to the conditions of any Agreement and to take a share in any income or publicity and the benefits derived therefrom.

10.  No food or beverages of any kind are permitted to be brought into the Plaza by the organisers delegates or guests without prior written permission.

11. Payment
Payment in full is required within 30 days. Delays in payment may incur interest charges

12. Liability of the Centre
(a) The Council accepts liability for and will indemnify clients from and against liability for and claims arising from death, injury or illness to any person caused by the negligence of the Council, its employees or agents and paragraphs 12 (c) and 12 (d) do not apply and do not limit this liability.
(b) Subject to paragraphs 12 (c) and 12 (d), The Council also accepts liability for and will indemnify you from and against any liability for and claims arising from any loss or damage to any property of any person who is authorised to be on the Council’s premises in respect of the event which is caused by the negligence of the Council, its employees or agents.
(c) The Council will have no liability under these Conditions or generally (for negligence or otherwise) for any indirect or consequential loss, of business, revenue or loss of profit or financial loss.
(d) Any liability which The Council has in respect of any event (including any liability due to negligence) is limited to the total amount payable by the client for the event.
(e) The Council will not be liable for failing to do anything or delaying in doing anything because of something beyond its reasonable control such as fire, flood, power failure or industrial disputes.  However,

(i) The Council will take any such circumstance into account in looking at the charges payable and endeavour to act reasonably.

(ii) The Council takes no responsibility whatsoever for equipment brought onto site by the client.

(f) Each part of paragraph 12 operates separately. If any part is disallowed or ineffective, the other parts will continue to apply.

13. Smoking

The Council operates a no smoking policy at the Plaza.  A smoking shelter is provided in the grounds.